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COVID-19 update 24/05/20

As of Monday 1st June we will be accepting new bookings, there will be changes to our way of working for now to comply with government guidelines and to ensure the safest system of working for both our clients and our contractors.

Please see our COVID-19 Safe working policy below.

COVID-19 Risk assessment and policy statement

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 we, as many other businesses have had to review our ways of working and put in place measures that ensure both our client and contractors safety. As with all measures these will be reviewed periodically and be implemented using common sense. All we ask is that our clients do their best to work with us in these challenging times.
By the very nature of our business we will inevitably come into contact with people of many households on a daily basis. This raises the risk posed to both our clients and our contractors, to minimise this risk we have been prioritising emergency works and works in vacant properties that pose the lowest or negligible risk. Going forward with the recent relaxation of the lockdown, and while we try to return to work in the safest way possible we will be working to the following guidelines. At the end of this document is a list of questions we would ask you consider when booking for us or requesting attendance at a property.
Whilst we will implement the following measures to get back to normal service, all jobs will still be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the attending contractor. If tenants are not able to provide a safe working environment or our contractors feel there is a disproportionate risk, they will withdraw from the site and report directly back to us to review, and re book where required.

Contractor safe working measures are as follows :

  • - Enquiries will be made at booking stage as to the well-being of all members of the household. Where someone has been infected we will not attend whilst people are in current isolation or within 1 full week of their recovery.
  • - Tenants will be informed that the area required for work will need to be as clear as possible (where applicable) and that area will be out of service for the duration of works. Where possible we would ask or this area to be ventilated. If this is to go over a full day, arrangements will be made for safe access, thought will also be given to the type of property and the necessity to access this work area.
  • - Contractors will all attend in clean uniforms that day, and be in possession of and make use of all relevant PPE to the job and property. All contractors are competent in the safe use of PPE and will be supplied as much as is required to prevent the need for re use or cross contamination. Uniforms will be cleaned daily or where applicable left on site if the job spans more than one day. Contractors will then travel in their own vehicles in clean clothing to avoid further cross contamination.
  • - Contractors will be in possession of face masks and disposable gloves, and are aware when these are to be in use.
  • - Where PPE needs to be removed and renewed, care must be taken as to what surfaces are touched and suitable sanitation must take place.
  • - We will where possible send one contractor to each job, however if the job requires two or more the staff on site they will adhere to 2 metres social distancing where possible, we do accept that some tasks require closer contact, and for this contractors will be required to use face masks and gloves, completing jobs of this type in a timely manner to minimise exposure.
  • - Contact details for the lead contractor where applicable will be supplied to the tenant. This should negate the need for tenants to enter the work area unless absolutely necessary.
  • - Contractors will not ask for nor accept refreshment on site from tenants, and we would ask in these times to please not take offence for refusal.
  • - Access to toilets or washing facilities will on protracted jobs be required. Where possible if there are more than one on site we will restrict use to one area. This will be cleaned before we make use and on completion of the works.
  • - All waste will be removed by contractors unless by prior arrangement with the owner for the use of a skip etc. All personal waste will be removed regardless.
  • - If prior to or during works, any contractor feels unwell or decides that it would be unsafe to continue as they pose a risk to anyone else present. They will inform us at the earliest opportunity and we will make anyone they have been in contact with aware. Re booking or completion of works will be secondary to the welfare of all people present. We will of course seek to remedy any incomplete works as soon as is practicable.
  • - All contractors will before undertaking any works be required to assess their own circumstances daily, this includes if there are any people in their households displaying symptoms, we will require them to isolate with their household in accordance with government guidelines. Reporting to work will be taken as contractors having fulfilled their own obligations and ensured they are themselves fit to work, and do not pose a risk to anyone else.
  • - Any deviation from this working practice must be reported back to be dealt with accordingly.

For our clients, please bear with us as these are tough times, we anticipate time on site will be extended as contractors will need to ensure the correct combination of above measures are adhered to. Preparation for works is likely to take a little longer too.
All contractors are aware of this safe working policy document, and aware of their obligations. We hope this is a temporary process and will review the relevance of this document regularly and in line with government recommendations.

Questions for property managers :
Is anyone, or has anyone been unwell/isolating – how long have they been recovering?
Is there anyone elderly or vulnerable in the property? (shielded persons)
Are tenants happy to have contractors on site?
Are there any special circumstances we need to be aware of, language barriers, disabilities etc?

Thank you in advance!
The Handyman Group Ltd.

COVID-19 update 26/04/20

Update : Following recent government announcements re the continued lockdown. All non essential services will remain closed. We are however offering emergency / essential services. Please call us if you need help and we will do our very best.

Keep Safe
The Handyman Group Ltd

COVID-19 update

Due to the ongoing lockdown and social distancing measures. We have had to continue the suspension of all normal services. Ongoing management or emergency works will continue where possible. We apologise for any inconvenience and for the reduced service. Hope to be back soon!

Portal access

To all our existing clients - you are able to access The Handyman Group works portal via a link on the resources section on this site….

COVID-19 update

To all our customers,

As with many other businesses we have had to reduce our services according to government recommendations and as such will only be providing any existing cover for management and key holding, or emergency works. Any pre booked works will be rescheduled accordingly.

We are reviewing this situation weekly.

Please feel free to get in touch - emails and calls will be taken as normal.
Best wishes to you all. Keep safe.